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Wildlife Conservation

Recent Research

Erect-Crested Penguin

This research on Erect-Crested Penguins explores the biology, ecology, evolution, and ongoing conservation efforts to protect this endangered species.


Plectus Antarcticus De Man, 1904

This pathogenetic protists pamphlet gives you an overview of an Antarctic nematode that works with other microorganisms to utilize bioremediation to remove carbon.


Digital Organisms Collection

This digital organism collection explores Phylum Chordata of the European Woodlands. Click through to learn more, or just look at some cute lil forest critters.


The Arctic Tundra: A Terrestrial Biome

The Arctic Tundra is a threatened biome that is home to glorious endemic fauna and flora. This presentation explores the Arctic and what we can do to conserve it.


Research Proposal

Learn more about me and my reserach.

This e-portfolio follows my capstone research project for my Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation.

My research focuses on identifying correlations between captive and endemic Gentoo Penguin's phylogenetic trees via analyses of their mtDNA and observable behavior, with the goal of creating more successful breeding programs which prepare Gentoo Penguins for potential reintegration into the wild.

You can also learn more about my experience and read my intellectual autobiography.

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