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Autism Parenting Magazine 

I am a researcher and journalist for Autism Parenting Magazine dedicated to bringing awareness of resources to families affected by autism spectrum disorder. My passion for autism awareness began as a child in grade school with a dear friend.

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Katherine Hobbs
Honoring the Magic of Childhood

My goal through theses videos is help you craft a magical childhood for the little one in your life. I focus on children aged birth - 7 years old. A magical childhood is one that brings peace to your child, fosters their imagination, encourages curiosity, is often child-led, and meets a child’s social, developmental, and education needs. You can craft a magical childhood can happen at any socioeconomic level, in any home, at any time. It finds joy in simplicity, creates meaning and value, and leaves your child feeling supported and nurtured. I'll be placing an emphasis on holistic education, creating strong bonds and attachments, and (of course!) the magic of childhood. I aim to be inclusive of all family dynamics, abilities, and traditions while delivering honest information with authenticity and humor.

Project | 03
Jacksonville Magazine ​

"JACKSONVILLE MAGAZINE tells the stories of Northeast Florida. It has evolved and grown right in step with the city and surrounding communities. As Jacksonville's premier monthly publication, we believe our magazine can only be as good as the city itself. Knowing that, we take great pride in actively participating in the community and telling the stories that matter to our readers."

Project | 04
Jacksonville Dance Theatre

"Founded in 2012 and located in Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville Dance Theatre is a contemporary modern dance company dedicated to creating and promoting excellence in the field of professional dance on local, national, and international stages. JDT is committed to creative innovation and exchange through choreographic projects, concert dance performance, movement intervention outreach, and dance education. We believe in providing sustainable opportunities for dance making, health and wellness, and community and cultural advancement."

Project | 05
Exclamation! Magazine ​

"The Exclamation! Magazine brand exists to inspire and inform the upscale, bold, and artistic; to showcase top creators of entertainment and arts; and to enrich all purveyors of fashion, music, and art in a refined, luxurious, and eloquent manner. 


Exclamation! Magazine is a quarterly print and online publication launching in March 2019. We are focused on upscale, bold, and artistic fashion, music, and art. We are based in Jacksonville, FL with contributors and distribution internationally."

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