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        Relay has revolutionized the way I think about children and tech. My standard approach is to discourage screens and technology as much as possible. I favor sending kids outside to play; however, I recognize parents need to keep in touch with their children while they play away from home. Before Relay, the solution seemed to be a phone reserved for independent outings. While well-intended, I’m most of you can relate to the obsession that comes with a smartphone. Children are no exception. When parents asked me for

The Smarter Phone for Kids

solutions, I came up empty-handed which is why I was so excited when Relay reached out to me.       

        Relay is a screen-free phone alternative designed with kids in mind. They use real-time talk with nationwide 4G LTE and an SOS feature. Relay is as

dependable as a smartphone, water-resistant, and built to survive drops. It is compatible with any smartphone so your child can talk to any preapproved contact. I am most excited to share Relay with the families I work with who have a child with autism. Some therapies encourage a screen-free life to reduce sleep dysregulation and overstimulation. Relay offers many of the same features that make smartphones fun for kids without the screen. Some of my favorite features are the daily joke, the voice echo feature, and the

translator. For children prone to wandering, Relay provides peace of mind. The GPS feature sends parents secure, real-time updates with their child’s location. The Geofencing feature sends alerts as your child enters and leaves pre-mapped boundaries.

        I sent a Relay to my brother who has started walking home from school. In the words of a very enthusiastic nine-year-old, “Woah! It can do everything!”

        For more information about Relay, visit Thank you to Relay for sending me Relays to try.

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